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Sarah Parnass

Digital Journalist

Sarah Parnass is a web producer for PostTV, where she works with reporters, editors and photographers from all corners of the newsroom to insure the best possible experience for The Washington Post’s video users.  Prior to joining The Post, she worked as a reporter and researcher in ABC News’ Washington bureau. During the summer of 2012, Sarah reported on national news from education policy to national security as a Global News Intern at The Associated Press. She graduated from American University in May of 2012 with a degree in French Language and Broadcast Journalism. Sarah believes in mastering all forms of media in order to tell a story on whatever platform is most appropriate. She spent four months living with a family in Rabat, Morocco and has since developed a love of all things Maghrebi. For her capstone, she made a website to examine Twitter’s role in Egypt’s uprisings.